About the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra is all of Sweden’s orchestra. Regardless of where in the country you live, you can listen to the orchestra’s concerts on air through the Swedish Radio P2, or online. Many of them are also broadcast on Swedish Television (SVT).

SRSO. foto: Julian Hargreaves

Ahead of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s guest performance at the BBC Proms in 2014, Daniel Harding was asked what makes them stand out from the crowd. ‘The orchestra has an incredible humility towards the music, and a wonderful feel for musical fantasy and invention.’ At a different interview, Tomo Keller, one of the leaders of the orchestra, said that ‘it’s a pure pleasure to play with the orchestra’, and emphasised two unique characteristics: the ambition to improve constantly, and a rare sensitivity and listening ability. Scottish football manager Sir Alex Ferguson has likened a symphony orchestra to a football team as both depend entirely on the collaboration between the players. With musical inventiveness and the members’ pronounced teamwork, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra is guaranteed to stay at the musical front edge of the big stages of the world!

The orchestra has an incredible humility towards the music, and a wonderful feel for musical fantasy and invention

- Daniel Harding

The History of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra is one of Europe’s – perhaps the world’s – best and most versatile orchestras. Each year, it performs beloved pieces from the classical repertoire, and new music by exciting, contemporary composers such as Victoria Borisova-Ollas, Magnus Lindberg and Unsuk Chin. In addition, the orchestra plays music from popular films and computer and video games, and collaborates with prominent jazz, pop and rock artists in a constant ambition to develop and break new ground.

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Orchestra Members

Malin Broman. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Malin Broman


Julia Kretz-Larsson

Assistant Concertmaster, on leave autumn 2017

Åsa Hallerbäck Thedéen
Svein Martinsen. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Svein Harald Martinsen
Stanka Simeonova. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Stanka Simeonova

On leave, autumn 2017
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Anders Jonhäll

Linda Taube. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Linda Taube

Per Öman. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Per Öman

Malin William Olsson. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Malin William Olsson

Assistant Principal. On leave 2017/2018

Veneta Zaharieva Blendulf

Marie Gauci-Ancelin

On leave
Ulrika Jansson. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Ulrika Jansson

Assistant Concertmaster
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Niklas Andersson. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Niklas Andersson

Andreas Sundén. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Andreas Sundén

Dag Henriksson. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Dag Henriksson

Även essklarinett
Mats Wallin.Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Mats Wallin

Även basklarinett
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Emmanuel Laville. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Emmanuel Laville

Bengt Rosengren. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Bengt Rosengren

Sofi Berner. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Sofi Berner

On leave
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Rick Stotijn. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Rick Stotijn

Principal, on leave 50%
Ingalill Hillerud. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Ingalill Hillerud

Assistant Principal
Emma Nyberg. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Emma Nyberg

On leave, autumn 2017

Benjamin Ziaï

On leave, autumn 2017
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Henrik Blixt. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Henrik Blixt

Fredrik Ekdahl. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Fredrik Ekdahl

Katarina Agnas. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Katarina Agnas

Även kontrafagott
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Håkan Björkman. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Håkan Björkman

Mikael Oskarsson. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Mikael Oskarsson

John Lingesjö. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

John Lingesjö

Bass Trombone
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Tomas Nilsson. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Tomas Nilsson

Principal Timpani
Karl Thorsson. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Karl Thorsson

Principal Percussion
Jan Huss. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Jan Huss

Assistant Principal Timpani Percussion

Mats Nilsson. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Mats Nilsson

Assistant Principal Percussion
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Lennart Nord. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Lennart Nord

Lisa Viguier Vallgårda. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Lisa Viguier Vallgårda

Tarjei Hannevold. Foto: Thomas Carlgren

Tarjei Hannevold


Axel Sjöstedt

Substitute 2017/2018

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