Chopin and Adès

Chopin’s dreamy and dance-friendly Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor contrasts with Thomas Adès’ complex and multilayered Totentanz, a depiction of life’s inevitable meeting – and dance – with death!

Both of Chopin’s piano concertos were created during his final time in Warsaw, before he left to live in Paris. In both cities, he performed his Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, and was met with acclaim from the audience and the critics alike. 22-year-old pianist Jan Lisiecki takes on the concerto with great feeling and considered musicality. Thomas Adès composed Totentanz in memory of composer Witold Lutoslawski and his wife. In the piece, the soprano and baritone soloists perform a dialogue between death and man, who, regardless of social or financial status, can’t escape his final dance with death.




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Friday 27 of April – Concert length: 1 h 40 min incl. intermission

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