Mozart's Gran Partita

13 wind musicians from the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra perform Mozart’s mystical and sublime Serenade No. 10, Gran Partita. The well-known suite mixes dance-friendly and meditative sections, and is a firm favourite for many Mozart-lovers.

Mozart’s much loved suite for wind instruments is also partly shrouded in darkness. It’s called Gran Partita, even though Mozart himself never used that name, and was written sometime in the 1780s, though the exact date is a mystery. Suites of this kind were common forms of entertainment music at the end of the 18th century, but Mozart lifts the piece with brilliantly beautiful melodies and ingenious use of the 13 instruments. Sought-after conductor Lucas Macías Navarro is himself an award-winning oboist. He has been a guest at Berwald Hall before, and has appeared with the Orchestra Mozart and at the Lucerne Festival in Switzerland, for instance.


Concert length: 1 h 10 min