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This is how Swedish Radios Symphony Orchestra uses cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are digital imprints that and other websites use to recognize your browser. Below we write cookies even when we use a similar technology called local storage. Both cookies and local storage are small text files that are saved locally with you.

One purpose of the cookies on is to save the settings you make, so that you don’t have to redo them the next time you visit us. Another purpose is to analyze how is used, so that we can improve the website. Here we explain how cookies are used on, and what the various options under managing cookies mean.

Necessary cookies

Some cookies on are used for the website to function correctly and you cannot refuse these. It is the cookie that shows whether you have accepted cookies or not, a cookie related to our font and a collection of cookies related to the audio and video player. Among other things, we save data about which sound and/or video is being played and how far into the broadcast, you have reached. The information is needed for you to be able to rewind the audio and/or video file and for you to be able to resume listening/watching in the right place the next time you visit us.

You can delete cookies – even those that we think are necessary – afterwards. You can also set your browser to delete cookies automatically. It says how to make such settings on the browser’s support pages.

Cookies you can accept or decline

There are also cookies on that you can accept or reject. We divide these into three categories:
– Statistics and performance
– Content from other websites
– Marketing

Tick ​​the categories of cookies you agree to and click accept selected. You can easily make a new choice in the future. You will find a link to the page where you manage cookies by scrolling down to the footer of the website.

Cookies for statistics and performance

We collect visitor statistics to be able to adapt functions and technology to our visitors’ needs. The cookies for statistics and performance are not set by, but by our partner Google.

The purpose of the cookies for statistics and performance is thus to measure how is used, which helps us to improve the website. Our analyzes become better the more visitors contribute to the statistics, and therefore we would like our visitors to accept these cookies. However, the website works just as well even if you choose to decline this category.


Information collected with the help of marketing cookies can be used to target communication and marketing as well as to optimize marketing actions.

If you instead choose to refuse marketing cookies, you will receive a message with the text ”This content will only be shown when you have approved the Marketing category” with a link to the settings page. You can easily take part in the content by, temporarily or permanently, checking that you accept marketing.

Content from other websites (and their cookies, if any

At, content downloaded from other websites is also displayed. Examples of other content that is visible on our website, although it is actually located on other servers, are videos and interviews.

When you visit a page on where content from another website is embedded, the embedded website can store its cookies (including cookies that collect data for third parties, if such exist with the embedded service) in your browser.

You choose whether such embedded content should be displayed on If you agree to us displaying content from other websites, it will be displayed in the appropriate place on our website where we published it. You may not even notice that the content is actually on a server outside

If you instead choose to decline content from other websites, this content and other embedded services will be replaced by the text ”This content will only be displayed after you have approved the category Content from other websites” with a link to the settings page. You can easily access the embedded content by, temporarily or permanently, checking that you accept content from other websites.

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If there is something you are thinking about or want us to clarify what it means to say yes or no to our cookies, you are welcome to contact us at

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